Virtual Paralegal Services

Welcome to STARRParalegals, LLC

STARRParalegals is a virtual paralegal service dedicated to providing attorney with an extensive knowledge of Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights practice (petition preparation, litigation, adversary proceedings and preference actions), including a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies (or perhaps annoyances) of the CM/ECF system, as well as a proficiency in UCC (review, analysis, and recording), commercial transactions, and so much more.

STARRParalegals provides highly experienced, certified paralegals on a transactional basis, thereby avoiding the costs and expenses associated with full time employees.

By offering professional paralegal services virtually, we increase the value of our clients’ billable dollars. As independent contractors, we complete the job more efficiently and economically.

Our mission is to provide results that surpass expectations through our dedication to our clients by:

  • adding maximum value to their businesses;
  • handling complex and sophisticated bankruptcy and litigation matters locally and nationally;
  • being professional, accessible, efficient, responsive, and technologically adept;
  • helping to provide a green alternative to the traditional office paradigm; and
  • providing the opportunity for our employees to pursue their religious, family, and community obligations and interests.